Metal & Stone Guide

Simulated gemstones in a myriad of colors are meticulously cut and crafted to size. The most common of simulated gemstones is cubic zircon which is the most widely used stone in our Jewellery. We use a spectrum of the most sought after colors of Sapphire, Emerald & Ruby. Seasonal trends influence the hues of citrine, topaz, aquamarines and pearls.

Stone Colors



Our simulated gemstones are virtually impossible to detect by the naked eye. We include natural veins and embodiment of stone where needed to make the visual appearance next to real.


Most of our traditional Polki designs are Classified as Uncut or Rosecut. The most common of Diamond Style cuts used are marquis, round, pear & emerald.

Rose Cut

Emerald Cut

Pear Cut

Fine Round Cut

Material Type

Our silver jewelry is made as per industry standards with white metals including silver and is plated in rhodium for a durable and scratch resistant finish.Silver based jewelry with rhodium plating provides an extra layer of protection and unparalleled sheen.

Gold is historically South Asia’s most popular metal. Our Hypoallergenic alloy plating process not only ensures that our pieces will maintain their lustrous sheen and be a pleasure to wear.

Jewellery Care